A Client is worth a thousand words.


When commissioned for client work, my team and I make it our priority to learn those thousand words, and how they apply to every image we make for you.

Historically, the capturing of images on film began as a scientific endeavor by George Eastman in 1885. A medium he made accessible to the masses through his Kodak venture.

More than a hundred years later, we still use his medium. I still shoot on film, not for its hipster value, but for its unique expression, and only for the jobs that call for it. Film has its place. As does 4K and HD.

The ever evolving digital. So indispensably integrated in our daily lives. It's how we contact, share, listen. And so we keep abreast of every development. Your need: be it short, long, viral, corporate, cinematic, documentary, music video, installation, webisode, or just a single picture. Each format has its method, each method a technique, one we tailor to your needs.



BEN BEN BIKES: Creating a portrait of a man and his passion.

Ben is a mechanic. A mechanic with an obsession for building a bike that you will carry with you for the better part of your life. The mission here was to create a film that captures his dedication and his craft, and the why behind the relentless drive to build the worlds best bike(s).


A collab with Jette Jørs for fashion label Beck Söndergaard

Jette Jørs came to me with a harddrive full of material she had shot, a quick turnaround and an open invitation to create a mood film of my own design for Swedish fashion brand Beck Söndergaard. The key words were: youth, spring, breeze, sunset and lightness.


...are a fuel for creativity. By nature a playful medium, music videos allow the filmmaker to unfold an expression in unison with the musician(s) to create a unique work that visualizes the abstract medium of music. This is our playground.

(w/ Thomas Eikrem) Love Talk, Alex Puddu & Joe Bataan. Super8 reels, Copenhagen & Havana

BOOM BOOM, Marcella Puppini. HD & Super8 in Paris and London

Avertissement, Fouma Sound System. A complete REMIX of archival footage from Senegal

This Is Paris, MODONUT. Super8 & HD mounted on a stunt rider in Paris


...have become an increasing request for us, a special film commissioned to commemorate that special moment.


In the 90's I took to the stills camera as an exercise in telling a story in a single frame. It was my mentor & employer, Andrew P. Jones that insisted, and told me If you can't tell a story in a single frame, how do you think you'll fare with 25 per second for 90 minutes? I still pick up my stills cameras, no longer as an exercise, now with a passion.


3 years running I have been asked to shoot the Copenhagen Drink Map, an initiative begun by the dynamic duo Max Scott & Marko Geometry Colors, the bad-boys of the Scandinavian booze underground. Each year they publish a who's who of all Copenhagen's (and in 2016 Malmö's) best eating and drinking spots.


Shooting frankie motion for red bull studios

New artists debut every day, so its imperative that first impressions express character, depth and longevity. 


daniel van der noon: "Inventory"

Hired to document his biggest work to date, Daniel asked me to capture his method, his drive and his history. We laid his prior works out in the loft studio and integrated his past and present into a single "frame" of mind.



FILMRAGE Magazine commissioned a series of photos that later in 2015 became published in a hardcover book together with artist Thomas Eikrem. The objective was to supplement a trilogy of music videos for Marcella Puppini (also shot in Paris) and capture that stark & voyeuristic mood so often found in the work of Thomas Eikrem's Super 8 film series.