Einar Jónsson, Reykjavik

Bronze is the perfect complement to the gray mist of Reykjavik. I find the combination inspiring, and the atmosphere palpable. Much like the rest of the city.

Iceland is a treasure trove for the senses, with its colossal nature, one that dwarfs man in every sense, reminding one that our meat and bones are no match for the wild untameable vulcanoes, winds, snowfall. Much like its people, stoic on the exterior fiery souls producing immense work despite their diminutive presence on the population charts of the world.

Einar's work is a prized possession of Iceland, who as a child (in the latter years of the 1800's and the early 20th century) left his beloved country for Copenhagen. There he was to study sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts, returning to his motherland after a successful career abroad.

The government bestowed upon him a home and a sculpture garden. This is where I spent the better part of an hour enthralled with his detailed dramatic works.