Portraiture In The Home

MINO contacted O.M.I.P. for a classic portrait.

I traveled to Mino's home, a turn of the century appartment by the canals of Copenhagen, with the intention of capturing the essence of a man in a single frame. A portrait is a delicate undertaking requiring some groundwork, a good conversation at the very least.

We began with his favoured japanese tea, as he told the tale of the brutal stoic samurai lord, Date Masamune, and how he admired not his cruel hand of war, but how in marrying his daughters away, he presented the grooms with a warning: Treat my daughters any less than you would I, and you shall answer to my blade.

Mino, a teacher of japanese language and culture is himself of danish and greek heritage. His pensive nature and roots to the historic philosophical capital of civilization, pushed me to want to capture a photograph not unlike the "busts" that surround his beloved halls of study. I presented him with the following 2 shots.