A Global Atelier. The International Studio.


In 2016, borders no longer bind us. So I welcome all of you to explore the work on this site, and imagine I'm simply a call away. No matter where you are. In 2015 we took commissions in Paris, London, Reykjavik, Helsinki, Hardanger Fjord, Marrakech, Copenhagen, Emmaboda to name a few highlights. Already in early '16 we have bookings for Sissimiut, London,  and Reykjavik. It's no secret: we love to travel. Travel and work.



Tranquilizer Shoot (VUF/Sony) ©Freddie Smith

"The Barber of Chefchaouen" part of DISCOVER MOROCCO

MUSIC VIDEO Emilie Ramirez is quickly gaining renown for her voice, lyrics & presence, and ours was the first music video created for the young virtuoso.

PHOTOGRAPHY Paris begat me, New York & Boston raised me, Cuba taught me, and Copenhagen tuned me. This, in a nutshell, is my background. The photographs above are from an exhibition of my Cuban photography from 2009. All shot on a pre-revolution Rolleiflex. One I chose for it's lightweight and anonymity, it's ability to function in high humidity, and its battery-free operation. Every project is unique, every objective requiring a tailored solution. It's what I learned in the Escambray Mountains. Never let the tools dictate the outcome. Story is everything.